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Individual Therapy

Individual Psychotherapy is a complex concept to explain because the process differs from client to client and from one therapeutic intervention to the next. That being said, Individual Therapy is one-on-one interaction between the Psychologist and the client where the client is experiencing some form of psychological discomfort, distress or dissatisfaction. During this interaction the focus is generally on gaining a clear and thorough understanding of the client’s unique presenting complaint and their behaviour that is related to this. These elements are then dealt with in a goal-directed manner that is logical, tangible, clear and systematic. This type of therapy is very personalized and through this process the client is able to relieve distress, achieve goals and uphold a satisfying lifestyle on a long term basis.

Couples/ Marriage Counselling

Couples counseling includes marriage counseling (that is, marital therapy). It involves thoroughly identifying the difficulties, needs and destructive interactive patterns between partners. This understanding is then translated into a practical, goal directed management and reconciliation of troublesome differences in order to avoid continuous patterns of distress. Destructive communication often lies at the core of dissatisfaction with partner relationships and therefore it is evident that effective communication can maintain an effective and satisfying relationship. This will therefore often be the focus of therapy.


Pre-marital Couples Counseling is also a significantly beneficial for couples as a pre-emptive measure to manage their relationship optimally and safeguard them from falling into destructive patterns.


The relationship we share with our spouse or partner is one of the most important relationships in any person’s life. Many needs are met through this relationship, and, if healthy, it can bring enormous joy, security and contentment to both parties. However, when it is unhealthy, it can end up causing resentment and unhappiness instead. Couples counselling, or marriage counselling, is aimed at strengthening romantic relationships, facilitating communication and learning to compromise, where necessary.


Group Therapy

Group Therapy is a potent form of therapy. It can be utilised to examine, explore and develop interpersonal relationships and deal with emotional or psychological difficulties. Group counselling is often focused around a specific issue or topic. The whole purpose of this type of counselling is for the individuals in the group to take comfort from the knowledge that they are not alone, that there is someone else (or a group of people) who can not only empathise with what they are experiencing, but have actually been there themselves. The sense of community and belonging that is the result of group counselling can strengthen each individual, but also encourage the group as a whole to work together in order to overcome their hurts. People in group counselling can provide new ways of thinking and new insights to others, while at the same time gleaning tips from them.The counsellor acts as a facilitator in this type of counselling, and may introduce topics for discussion but will not dominate the conversation. Furthermore it can be used in the corporate world to enhance group cohesion and harmony amongst colleagues.


A few examples of group therapy include, but are not limited to:


  • Support groups – for instance, victims of abuse or the terminally ill, Anxiety
  • Skills training – such as assertiveness training or conflict resolution
  • Psycho-education – like parents of children diagnosed with ADHD seeking more information regarding this
  • Team building

Parental Guidance

Parent guidance aims to equip parents with the tools necessary to communicate effectively with their children and understand their feelings and perspectives, with the end goal of building healthier relationships, and decreasing acting out and conflict. The Psychologist attempts to bridge the gap that can sometimes form between parents and their children, so that each can understand how the other is feeling, and what they are thinking, so that a compromise can be struck and difficult or poor behaviour can be decreased. Parent guidance can also be useful is when two parents do not see eye to eye on how to raise their children, or in the case of divorce or separation, or even due to the loss of one of the parents.



Psychological assessment is the use of standardised psychometric tests and tools to obatin information or understanding about a person’s level of psychological, emotional, behavioural, intellectual or neurological functioning. Psychological assessments assist the Psychologist to measure, identify and guide adults or adolescents with occupational, emotional, interpersonal and scholastic queries or difficulties.