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My approach to therapy is integrative and collaborative, which means I work with what each client brings to the session and work together with my client to find a solution to their difficulties which can potentially culminate in transformation. I prefer to work in a non-pathologising way where I focus on each person’s uniqueness, strengths and potential for change, rather than on their deficits or diagnosis.

I firmly believe we are all able to resolve our own difficulties given a little assistance and insight from a professional. My approach tends to be holistic and I see each person as part of interactive and often interdependent systems which involve their emotional and psychological functioning as well as their occupational, social and physical functioning.

Carl Rogers explains therapy in the following way: “A fulfilled life is a process, not a state of being. It is a journey not a destination.” I understand personal growth and understanding as a process of change that may begin in the therapy room with a psychologist but can continue long after the session ends. For some the change may be life-long while for others it may be brief but the goal of therapy is to help each client reach a point of clarification that can contribute to their journey.